What We Do


Building Contractors & Consultants

We specialize in Individual Building and Flat Promoting custom homes and estates.

Our homes are built to last. In fact, we are happy to show you our projects that are 10 years old that look exactly as they did the day they were completed (with proper maintenance and care).


Residential Building Contractors

We follow the drawing supplied by the clients and execute the work as per the specification with meticulous attention to detail. Our executives take a hands-on approach, ensuring that client expectations are exceeded at every stage of the project. We handle all types of civil contracts like residential, industrial, and commercial. Whether it’s a construction of a new building or a complete interior designing project, we offer complete solutions in both the cases from conceptualization to finish. Ranganayaki Builders has offered a myriad of heavy engineering construction services including demolition works. Ranganayaki Builders’s team utilizes their knowledge acquired from the completed projects to offer our clients value-engineered solutions. Our in-depth knowledge and highly qualified professionals have enabled us to reach such heights of success.


Apartments Building Contractors

To meet the infrastructure requirements, residential apartments are built with latest architectural layout plans. We build apartments that are not just spacious and well-lit but are also eco-friendly. With varied price range, our apartments cater the needs of all our customers. Ranganayaki expertise in apartment buildings covers the design and the construction of two to four storyed building with the best quality that is delivered in expected time.


Civil Engineers & Contractors

There are several equipment that is been used in the Construction Industry. These are used for both large and small scale purposes. Various types of Equipment are been used for Building & structural Construction we have well knowledge in waterproofing work. There are various operations that are involved in construction projects , whether it’s a large scale or a small scale; Excavation and digging of large quantities of earth, Placement of construction materials (eg:-Bricks, concrete) Compacting and leveling, Dozing, Grading, Hauling etc…


Flat Promoters

If you are considering working with a design and build contractor for a building project, you will need to understand how this process differs from other methods of completing a Construction project. Traditionally, anyone who is interested in completing a building project would first need to find a qualified designer or architect to help them create necessary plans for the type of building they desire. Once the plans are complete and all details of the design have been worked out, the project is often sent out for bids from various contractors. These contractors will bid on the project according to the outlined plans and the job is typically awarded to the lowest bidder, or the one deemed most capable of delivering on time. However, when you hire a design and build contractor, you leave all of the work to this one entity and they oversee the entire project.


Builders & Developers

Through our 10 years of experience we have discovered the best project and experiences come from working closely with our clients, the architect or designer, the interior decorator, the engineer-the Team. We bring everyone necessary together, for you, to create the environment you want within your budget and time-line.

We also have been brought in, as a team member, by an owner or architect and are happy to work together with you in that capacity as well.